Dollz Who Luv Us

chouchou77 on her boat with Johny

Hey Naomi_b reporting!!! Lol
My 2nd feature is this amazing room created by Chouchou77 or i would rather call it a boat
She has created a wonderful boat out of wooden planks and sea with designed posters and has detailed it with luggage and other boat material and not to forget Johny Depp sailing it!
Other than this room she has many extravagant rooms like Alice in wonderland room,Harry porter room,Narnia room
Its a must to check out her Fabolous creation Please click here to visit her suite
If you also want to be featured then click here to visit naomi_b guestbook....If i find your suite/outfit creative and unique you might have a chance to be featured like this
EnJoY yOuR DaY!!


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