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DKNY Skyscraper?

I was just visiting some people and when i visited Keira-V 's suite,I found the skyscraper dress, But...It was different!It looked a bit like the original one but it was kind of different,what do you think?Is there another version of skyscraper?And this isn't a graphic or anything,Go to one of Keira-V 's rooms and you will see!


koolcryyss said...

It is the original, in fact this is what its supposed to look like. The coding got changed on it, so it now looks like the other one. If you want to see the older version, change your body size to all 3's and you can see the old version.

44nicole44 said...

They changed the look of it this or last year xx

friendofyou said...

The print changes with body size.

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