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Free 60 million items!


The new 60 million items are all free, unlike the past few times where you only got one item free and the rest you had to pay for. The dress, cupcake and balloons get sent to your suite. The dress is okay but I tried to make it work using Coco Chanel-style, but I dont think it worked.FOR BOTH SS AND NON-SS.
xx larrycatmeow


thatgirlsophy said...

im wearing it haha!

larrycatmeow said...

haha its not too bad compared to the 50 million clothes. They were gross

brendasweet90 said...

i cant see the items.. can anybody help me? i really want that pink dress

thatgirlsophy said...


You were suppose to receive them as a gift in your suite.

Anonymous said...

i don't have it in my room either...wt's wrong?

abyjim said...

yer i dont have any of them eather! is there a reason for this???

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