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Free Flower Print Dress


UPDATE: use this proxy -

Free Flower Print Dress for Poland members.

1. Use this proxy:
2. Type in:
3. Log in, change 'view' to 'finish' in the URL
4. hit go again.
5. log out and go to regular stardoll

NOTE: If you have it already you might not get it again.

image from stardoll freakshow


Anonymous said...

it doesnt work

brendasweet90 said...

i cant get them... i guess they're for superstars only

thatgirlsophy said...

If you have the dress already you wont get it.

Pinkcat1610 said...

I dont have the dress and i still cant get it :(

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work ! and I haven't it yet !! If you can find a solution 'cause I really want it :(

Anonymous said...

i haven't got it and i can't find the contest :(

Narla Costa said...

I could not D:

dazzlingn101 said...

I couldnt get this, when I logged in on the page, the contest dissappeared xx

thatgirlsophy said...

k gals found a solution check out the update!

Anonymous said...

if you want this dress you have to put: (and not

for me it worked!

xxx xela2_1995

Anonymous said...

I don't think it works any more 8(

Music+Trends Blog said...

Ur cheats never work out for me!!!!

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