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Free Sonny with a Chance Outfit


Stardoll is planning on giving out 3 outfits for free for Sweden Members. Its a campaign for "Sonny with a Chance," "Star Struck" and "Hannah Montana Spotlight."

Sweden members can just click the link: Go to stardoll Disney Campaign

Members NOT in Sweden:
1. go to
2. copy and paste:
3. Hit go and log in.
4. Once page loads go back to your suite!

from underneath stardoll


Jessy said...

your blog is one of the bests !!!
it realy works,thx :)

bianaxx3 said...

i love that outfit and im always checking your page because it great i love it :)

dazzlingn101 said...

My computer anti-virus thing blocks that website xx

Haley said...

Hii(: if you use and put in the url and you just visit the page (i always click on the picture just in case) you get BOTH of the outfits still lol!

Anonymous said...

it still works

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