Dollz Who Luv Us

Look at this Suites !

I Have look at the suites on Stardoll and then i found this suit here account is new and she have a window with the look of the starplaza,a cat under a Pink ceiling and a megaphone

What do you think from who this doll have this things ?
and then i have found a realy
crazy suite and the Doll is realy Crazy too
the Name of the doll is :


a said...

new players get a window that is a shortcut to Starplaza as well get a book and it is a shortcut to the album przepraszm if I write with errors but I come from Poland and I can`t so good English

Anonymous said...

Those who make a new account get those things, and the third day, you get 24h free superstar membership :)

Lauren said...

That things are for every new members..

Avril14140 said...


iArmanda said...

You Get these stuff for free when you join get them after 3 days of using the new account,and you get to be a superstar for 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

Thanx iArmanda fro this great info !

Anonymous said...

whats your stardoll name?

cheerleader2648 said...

Ok that is cool!

Hallonkyss said...

Haha, Schildt is one of the most famous swedish members. He's cool!

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