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OMG, I saw a dress like this on TV

This dress (as modelled by lillypy) was on British TV show Britain's got talent, the judge Amanda Holden was wearing it.The dress is Alexander McQueen and I know that this dress is available for anyone to buy but I've never seen anyone wearing it before, so I thought you would like to know. The only difference was it had red instead of pink/purple. I can't actually find a picture of the dress on her but if I do I will post it.

Nuala ♥♥♥


Nadia/thegorgusgirl said...

It looked nice on her [:

kitteczka said...


Anonymous said...

It's a alexander mcqueen dress.

Rachel said...
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Anonymous said...


You don't have to be mean. :S

I like this dress

co0ol_soso said...

its alexander mcqueen dress and it was available in stardoll as a hotbuys

dazzlingn101 said...


Can I post this image or is it copyrighted? xx

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