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Sneek Peek: Monster High Dolls

New Monsters High dolls coming soon to stardoll, some of there clothes are pretty cute! Do you like them? Which is your favorite?

Creepy Guys, Gouls, and Pets at Monster High!

The Monster High doll lineup for 2010 includes Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Frankie Stein and Lagoona Blue. They are the coolest ghouls in school with their trendy fashions, accessories and cute scary pets! These dolls are fully articulated so they can be posed in many different ways! Includes 1 doll, pet, accessory, diary, brush, and doll stand.

The high school sweethearts Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon are the most popular couple at Monster High and the most fashionable! Deuce Gorgon comes with his pet rat, Perseus, and his cool shades. Cleo De Nile has her pet snake, Hissette, and gold purse.

Monster High dolls by Mattel.


Anonymous said...


Ginta said...

Do you think it's imposible that these dolls clothes will be in starplaza?

thatgirlsophy said...


not impossible, but im not sure if they will be in starplaza. The clothes havnt been in the spoilers yet. Although im hoping some of there outfits will pop up because i like them.

Anonymous said...

But yur missing Draculaura >_< Cute though!!! :D

Anonymous said...

hello!!!!!!! they ARE in starplaza!! i've already bought it
just a few of them are for ss...
you can check them out in my suite:

Anonymous said...

i cant find them in starpalaza.
can anyone tell me where they are???

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