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Free Hair Flowers

If anyone knows a Sweden or Finland Web Proxy we can get The Hair Flowers for FREE on stardoll by joining this contest.


angharadbbz said... is a finnish proxy :) it worked for me! x

BlueVero said... won't get that hair flowers for free.
if u dress that doll you can win stardollars!!


Houpisonfire said...

Thanks ^^
I didn't know it works for Sweden too, yesterday I spent like hour looking for Finland proxy :D

I got it now with Swedish one:


thatgirlsophy said...

Neither worked for me when logged in

Diana said...

It didn't worked for me either...

Anonymous said...

only ss! port: 80 3. log in,
4. save the scenery . 5.log out proxyt.
ready. :)
my stardoll name: www.repcica

Repcica said...

only ss! port: 80
2. link: 3. Jelentkezz be.
4. save the scenery lout proxy.
r e p c i c a . b l o g s p o t . c o m

Anonymous said...

i used

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