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Free Pink TV

UK stardoll members get a FREE Pink TV when they watch a video for Stardoll TV!
Clear cache & history:
Press Ctrl+Shift+DELETE

Members NOT in UK :
1. Use manual proxy: port 80 or port 80

2. Go to:
3. log in

Dont know how to use manual proxy?
Learn How to Use manual proxy here.

 from underneath stardoll


AriesPrincess ~ Slyffindor said...

hey using that same proxy u can get world cup gift a shirt and globe. log in to stardoll, on the starpage click on get ur gifts. spread the word

AriesPrincess ~ Slyffindor said...

about my other comment too. what i meant was u can do it with or without the proxy.

Anonymous said...

I don't get de tv alone the poster. how do you get de tv??

stardoll name: klokjesgril

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