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Free Shrek Gift Bow

Stardoll is giving out free shrek stuff to members in the UK.
Members from UK could just go here and follow the instuctions. /

Not in UK? Go here: 
(Change # to your user ID)

Then hit enter, sign up, use real or fake info. 
After you sign up you go back to that same link and hit enter again, it will say "thanks for entering.....Click here to for puss in boots gift" Click that link! It'll take you to your suite on stardoll. It should come in a purple bag.

Its a pain to get it, but if you really want it you have to follow the steps, im not from UK and i have it ;)


FionaK20 said...

Argh! it didn't work :( not blaming you though i tried proxy too nothing works :(

brendasweet90 said...

what proxy?

thatgirlsophy said...

you dont need a proxy. And make sure you sign up

Anonymous said...

it wont let me through because i need a UK number :(

clαɾα said...

i need a UK number, please give me one!

thatgirlsophy said...

which type of UK number?
google them im sure youll find tons

Anonymous said...

it doesent work i tryed like 10 times

Anonymous said...

i don`t understand where to sing up????

Anonymous said...

it works peopleee

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