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New Dot is Out!

It not in the Dot shop yet but its in the new items tab in StarBazzar. You can still get the old stuff, just go to the Dot Shop.

Here is how to get hidden Dot make-up :

1. Go to Starplaza
2. Click on the 'Search' tab (The magnifying glass)
3. Click on the colours orange, green, pink and blue.
4. Click on the pink 'Search button (The one at the bottom)
5.They will be there on the pages I list below

Here is the list of the items( I wont list the lipsticks, shadows or blushes because they arent the hidden items):
- Page 2- Orange Shade Stick
- Page 14- Dusty Pink Eye Kohl, Dirty Pink Shade Stick, Pale Blue Shade Stick
(They are all under 10SD, not free)

xx larrycatmeow


Anonymous said...

Finally stardoll released it! Thx stardoll top designers

xoxo cindy902

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