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New Penthouse In Minishop

Stardoll has released the new penthouse in minishop for a WHOPPING 149sd which is 40% discount. Meaning regular price will be about 209sd after June. Its pretty cute so i totally fell for this "SALE" on it haha.
What do you think will you buy it?


Fashion21121 said...

I bought it. I'm sure later, it will cost very expansive :D
I love it because when it's morning, the sky is blue and in the night, it's dark ♥

FashionliciousGirl said...

ı bought it it looks cute

Anonymous said...

what does it look like inside?!?! i really wanna know so i can see weather its worth the money xx

thatgirlsophy said...


Go to my suite you can see it on the top floor ;)

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