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Real 2 Stardesign: Limited Edition Poster

Hey yall i decided to create a poster for ALL the Stardoll Limited Edition Fans using the latest LE logo, come check it out in my suite and pick one up for your LE Summer Collection. Hope you like it :)

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Avril14140 said...

Wow ;D
I love it :)

iswim19 said...

Really pretty. xD

Esther said...

Very nice!
I'm designer too. I have a blog with my stardoll designs. If you want, see it on this website:
Ihope you like it:D

Anonymous said...

Cutee x

Just wanted to let you know what I found on Stardoll..

I found REAALLY strange things to stardoll..Read here:


Anonymous said...

Can u make more??

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