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Shrek Collection

UPDATE: they released the items accidentally for a short period of time and removed them. I'm sure they will release the shop again soon.

Shrek Collection is out in starplaza right now and its all really cheap and non-superstar, well except for about 3 items, but i dont see the point. I think it ALL should be non-SS, why leave out a few items right?

image credit to Jayjae


Burkasinbredene said...

HI there - I just wanted to know if the shop really is in Starplaza already, cause I can't find it - maybe it's only open to some countries? xx

Pinkcat1610 said...

hii :)
um its not in the store :|
could u make a link that puts all the shrek clothes in your changeroom?
please and thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I can't see a Shrek collection in starplaza?! I'm from UK..

kathleen19 said...

hi, i´m from germany and i can´t get the shrek collection items. there is no shrek-shop and i couldn´t find them with the search function. and when i tried a proxy the whole starplaza wouldn´t load.
do you know a way how i can get the items?

Marisha said...

I like the Fiona dress. When they're released they are probably going to be released to the UK right?

Jayjae said...,25999,26000,26001,26002,26003,26004,26005,26006,26007,26008,26009,26010,26011,26012,26013,26014,26015,26016,26017,26018,26019,26020,26021,26022,26023,26024

Link to get all the stuff in your suite. Credit to Jayjae once again.

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