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Sneek Peek: Summer Limited Edition

UPDATE: Thanks to Greta for providing this pic below!

LE is coming to stardoll! There were tons of spoilers, but it seems like they were mixed around so i couldn't quite find the specific LE items. Although, many of the accessories looked a lot like LE, but the clothing didn't. Well here's enough proof though ha-ha.

I would say it would be releasing tomorrow, but most likely Monday.


Greta said...

EmoBella said...

I did this picture :(

Oh god, everyone's stealing it.
The picture is from my blog;


Anonymous said...

Cool! Can't wait for the new collection! lol

mewowcat said...

to much at one time, but love it!

Anonymous said...

wow i lovo it!! when its ganna be out?? pls tell me my username is santy124

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