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Stardoll Survey?:O

Hello ;D

I just got this message on my other account :O
Maybe only some member will get it,I really don`t know.xD

"Dear Stardoll member,
Could you please take a moment to give us your opinion?
Please follow this link if you'd like to help us answer some questions"

That`s the message I got from Stardoll -.-


Did anyone else got this message?:O



Anonymous said...

I got it. Glossy_Candy

Charlotte said...

Yeah - I got that message.
I did the survey - it didn't take long and it was a bit pointless really.
It was basically asking which other social networking sites you use.
If you want to waste 5 minutes of your time, go ahead and do it. If you have better things to do, just ignore the message.

noortju said...

you went there? and what should you do? because I myself went to the site, well I understood nothing about it (as they say in the Netherlands: I understood there was no ball)

Anonymous said...

yeah, i got it too.

Anonymous said...

i got it

thatgirlsophy said...

i did the survey i didnt think it was useless i gave them my opinion on alot of things i would like to see improve and change. So im hoping doing this would actually help.

cheerleader2648 said...

I got it and did it, I liked it, I said something to them about where the SS cards are located:)

Sarah♥Colorful_queen said...

I got it.

littlemssvixen said...

I got this mail about a year ago. I think they occasionely send some out! xxx

=> PLEASE VISIT ME @ Littlemssvixen

Anonymous said...

I Gave My Opinion Soo Im Good.


Anonymous said...

I got it too.
~ nirvana_47561

Anonymous said...

I got it too..

Fashion21121 said...

I didn't got it :S

rubyann said...

i got it 2

Anonymous said...

I Did


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