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Week 2 of Stardoll Hot Summer Blowout

This is week 2 of the Summer Blowout on Stardoll and you get another 5 "free" gifts when you spend 200sd.
Yea i think i hit the end of that meter when i bought 2 items of LE, lol.


Donna__ said...

Are you sure u got 5 dresses at the end of the 200sd ? Cuz I don't.

Anonymous said...

Hm. I think the puzzle is a key so I'm guessing that after 4 weeks the gift would be penthouse maybe.

thatgirlsophy said...

yes i received everything shown there.

I doubt its a penthouse because you can buy the penthouse in minishop and i dont think they would give that for free.

Donna__ said...

Oh okay now is okay :)

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