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Annoying ://

Heyy sorry, I haven't been on in ages, I'm on holiday right now in America, and I've just been finding it hard to find anything to write about, because the other writers are so good that they manage to cover everything.

Well anyway I better get on with the post; Ever since stardoll has had the make-over, I haven't been able to use my suite rooms on the right (not including bottom floor or penthouse) as well as I used to. Because I can't move into the furthest right corner of the room, so not only has it given me less space, it has also made me not able to access the things I put there before the make-over.

I am finding this really annoying, is anyone else getting the same thing??

Nuala xxx


HGPL said...

where is translate?! :(

thatgirlsophy said...

@HGPL its at the bottom of the screen. left side.

Anonymous said...

That's not true, I hadthat problem first too. You see on the right a panel, left from the panel is an arrow, if you click on that, the panel will dissapear and you have the rest of your room!!!

xxx hope I helped you

(sorry if it's bad English)

didi said...

It's not true, I had this problem too. On the right of your room is a panel, on the left of that panel is an arrow, if you click on that the panel will dissapear. And then you have the rest of you room.


Cianboland said...

You just have to click on the arrow at the side of the toolbar to make it dissapear. I also freaked out when this happened because I had a Stardoll Pal wearing my favourite clothes at the side of the room, and then I saw the arrow and felt dumb lol :]

Josie said...

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dazzlingn101 said...

thanks people, i feel really stupid now, lol

Dailev said...

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Anonymous said...

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Kao1997 said...

I've noticed other glitches! I went to edit my presentation and when I saved everything got erased.

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