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Free I Love Zac Tee and Pillows

Free Pillows and I Love Zac Tee to Stardoll members in the USA. Shimmerystar told me she just found these items in her suite. So I check my suite too and found the same items!

Try using: or 
login and thats it!

Watch video for the zac tee:


emily145 said...

uumh so i was just at starplazza ,searching for stuff cuz i'm bored..and i found this shirt inspired by phi ?
what is that ?? :O

emily145 said...

..also i've found these stardoll tv items :).personally ,i like them very much *.*

Anonymous said...

i HATE zac efron. i wish they would stop forcing some gifts on users. dont get me wrong getting free gifts is great, but not everyone has the same opinion and loves the same things.

Gi.Gisele said...


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