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Free Poster - New Makeup

Free Poster and New Makeup for Stardoll Swedish Users, maybe in some other countries as well, but not in USA.

log in. Thats it for the free poster!

If you want to try the make up click the link
Get L'Occitane Makeup

REAL makeup is Cheaper than the Stardoll version! How horrible is that?!


pinkcat1610 said...

the make up is also avaliable in canada

katya710/ katya711 said...

70,000,000 members on stardoll.
we get
free pink dress
green shorts
heart poster
Heart balloon.
and t shirt.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, yeah. They're way overpriced.

Evanescenceeee said...

Yeah, Stardoll, is now more expensive, if you look, before ''khols'' cost about 3 or 4 SD now is 10 or more, and the normal dresses cost the same than hot buys -.-'' I hate the new prices

(I'm from spain, and i don't know how says any words in english, so sorry)

Anonymous said...

did you know fighting4cancer died. type her in stardoll. plus you would not believe this, callie.stardoll put herself cover girl because she is the editor of the magazine!

add me on stardoll (twinkled-tyler)

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