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Old Stardoll Makeover Drafts

These are old stardoll drafts that were introduced in Nov 2009 with a survey of which layouts you liked best.
Personally, i don't like any of them, but others may dissagree. I could totally design a better layout than this, these designs seem very amateur, like they're from a person who does myspace layouts. I'm hoping stardoll doesn't look like this in the future.

ALL images from underneath stardoll


Anonymous said...

I can not get anything around me that is not available

Jayjae said...

I like them a lot believe it or not, it's less complicated than the current layout, but has anyone noticed there is no starplaza?

Chocoholic879 said...

the last one has starplaza it's called shop but your right there isn't in the other two there isn't!!!

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