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Thought of the Week

Currently,the 'New' item in StarPlaza is a pair of boots. But these aren't just any boots. They are MY boots. The Dark Green Fringe Boots are oh-so stylish. The point on the toe is so perfectly pointed it makes me want to cry. The charcoal black with the silver around the ankle reminds me of a burnt forest with fresh snow sprinkled atop (in a good way). The fringing is a midnight black as if the color was sucked out of the midnight. In fact, I think these boots are what keep me on Stardoll.


Nickschmidt said...

I don't think so.
But I've got another taste of fashion :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of starplaza items, have you noticed that ALL the "popular" items are superstar???!!

Anonymous said...

I cant see the boots :D

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