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Week 3 BNTM Dress!

UPDATE: Not sure whats going on there's a Cats & Dogs video instead. So its not working now.

The next BNTM dress is now available!

If you're from the UK then just click on the link below:

If you're not from the UK then use a proxy such as: or
- Type in
- Press enter & login
- Watch the BNTM trailer and the dress should appear in your suite!


mmzznnxx said...

there is a free crown print pullover (top) when you foin contest named Конкурс. --> <--

Madlenne_xD said...

This dress is gorgeous! I'm so glad that I can get it by using a proxy site, not a manual proxy as it was with ANTM dresses... :)

angharadbbz said...

Thanks :) where are you from so i can get the proxy?

Pinkcat1610 said...

ok for the crown print pullover could you find a proxy, because the language is russian but im not sure which proxy to use
thanks :)

Anonymous said...

ummm... i couldn't watch the video, cos instead there was the shrek forever after one ><''

Anonymous said...

*sob* i can't watch the video!!! nothing comes up! is there any other way to get the dress? i really want it

Anonymous said...

Nooo! Where is the dress for week 4??
Please find it!! I like the dresses!

Anonymous said...

it did work but it doesnt any more. whichever is the new video (at the moment for me is "Cats and Dogs" but it did work at the time. i find things only work on day one maybe day 2 sometimes. So the best thing to do would be to bookmark this page and check in on it everyday. because ever since i did that 2 weeks ago all the free things worked for me :)

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