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Big Brother Stardoll

Today, Stardoll's Hit Big Brother Stardoll was Officially re-open. There is a new layout, new headers, banners and all is brand new & AMAZING.

There are amazing news and changes too, every week there will be amazing prizes for every best task. The winner of the best task will have the chance to model for Stardoll's Most Popular Magazines such as Edgy Magazine, Runway Magazine, Lipstick Magazine and others.

There will be a whole new voting system for the elimination and new judges, only 5 which will represent Stardoll Blogs and we are proud to say that our blog is 1 of the blogs who is Media Partner of BBS.

There are amazing and I really mean it amazing changes that everyone will love, so don't loose time but go and visit the blog.

So, what do u think of this new BBS, do you like it?

If there will be more auditions, will you enter?

                                          Mihaela (:


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