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Free Aurora Dress & Shoes

Hii :) Theres a free dress and shoes for free today. Mind you there really nice especially the dress !


1. Go to this proxy sign in to

2. Then copy and paste this link

3. Then copy and paste this link

4. Wait a few seconds during each link and then go back to your suite to find 2 gift boxes



Madlenne_xD said...

wow! this dress is from Elisabeth and James! that's so cool that we can get it for free!
it works, i've got it now.

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work !

(on stardoll, i'm math_ou)

KING-OF-DG said...

Doesnt work for me,maybe its just for uk

Anonymous said...

Stardoll Has Gone Officially Insane! Loads Of My Friends Got That E&J Dress For About 200sd And I've Got It Free! I Owe it All To Blogs Though... How Do You Get These Cheats?
Love Always,
~ Alice

Anonymous said...

OMG i always loved this dress
thank you so much stardolls top designers

Anna....hehe said...

Why cant I get it? Please help me stardolls top designers!

Mia Bia said...

i cant get it. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? i did exactly what it said.

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