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Free Poster and Miley Dress

Free Miley Dress and Free Poster from the movie The Last Song from Stardoll!
All you have to do is dress up Miley and enter the contest.

Not in USA?
log in, then change view to finish.
It should appear as a gift in your suite.

Thanks peaceharm1


Anonymous said...

its cool i like 2 help ill try 2 keep helping! :D

stardoll forever said...

hi stardoll top designers!
my name is kohav & im 11 years old boy from israel.i really like the blog... i wanna open a blog thats calld "stardoll forever".......& i dont know how. if you will help me i will very happy.


Anonymous said...

i really dont know how to get the miley cyrus dresss im from the uk so its not in our cinema. i got the poster but not the dress plz help if u cn thnxs!

thatgirlsophy said...

follow the instructions after
"Not in USA?"

Thats how you get the dress.

Anonymous said...

you know how you have to write finish , where do you wirte it in your internet browsers url or the proxys ?
and can you use any proxy website for it to work becuase doesnt work on my computer ?
please help

caasey said...

It wont let me get it will some one help me my name on stardoll is lolliepopscasey

Anonymous said...

its not work u must write doesnt work any more

Anonymous said...

hiiiiiii thiis free poster and the derss work or dosent work

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