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Free Pretty In Pink HAT!

Theres a free Pretty In Pink Hat Today !
You have to do this to get it ...


1. Use this Russian Proxy
2. Type in the proxy url .
3. Log in to stardoll
4. Type this in the proxy url
5. Leave the proxy or go back to the normal stardoll.

( When you are typing this link in the proxy it could come up with we are updating ignore it and go back to the normal stardoll and it should be in your suite)


Amzii_ said...

I think its only for SuperStars, Cause i tried it and never got the hat.

Anonymous said...

it didn't work for me =[
(i am not ss)

Anonymous said...

yes it's for SS only i get that hat in SS account, but in NSS i can't :(

Clara said...

Isn't true!

Anonymous said...

this may be a rumour but 4chan is meant to be invading stardoll on monday, if you don't know what 4chan is research it on wikipedia and do not go on the 4chan website

donate6 said...

4chan? :O ok but It didn't work for me but I'm not ss!

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