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IdentiTee COMP

Hii (:

Actually,No :/

The IdentiTee store is out.I expected something more!!Not,just t-shirt with prints what you can made by yourself in stardesign!!They didn`t even made new shapes!!
Ahh,Stardoll is....really lazy sometimes ;/ You can see why is very cheap xDD
At least,there are some items for non-superstars (:

Wild child,no drama,geek girl,iscream..I like the labels lool xD
I will probably buy some,they are very cheap and also,very plain xP

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I would make a little competition (:
Make an outfit with one or more pieces from this shop.Try to look modern,chic and fancy with those t-shirts.Make me love those items!!

You can do it in your suite and then tell me your nickname OR if you don`t want to buy it,do a printscreen from starplaza.You can use clothes from other shops too.

The best one will win 30sds.

The deadline is 16 August.

If you have any questions ask in comments.

This is your great opportunity to get some money on easy way :DD

-Mihaela (:


Megan & Kim said...

Can I email you the picture ?

Anonymous said...

Here is my entry.

My user is SuperDelicious9

Avril14140 said...

@Megan &Kim

Yes,you can.On Stardoll or?

MollyRose said...

heres mine:


Anonymous said...

ill enter my stardoll name is flamesjz hope to win!

dazzlingn101 said...

done - username - dazzlingn101

Lundi.Vintage said...

Username: lundi.vintage :)

masakra_girl said...

my name at stardoll is masakra_girl
and here are my pictures:

Anonymous said...

username - dollymiiix

0xbritzx0 said...


I know I don't have to do a Graphic of it... I just did anyway.... you have all rights to disqualify me because of this. I will understand (:

My Stardoll user is 0xbritzx0

Stardoll-Local-News said...

im done:)

Nakong said...

Username: nakong
My entry is at:

Nakong said...

Username: nakong
My entry is at My entry is at:

Anonymous said...

hallo! heres my entry!

my username is dragongrl

Anonymous said...

i'll join! maggie_cutie_10! oh this will be fun!

Anonymous said...

i have tried hard

user on ss is


Anonymous said...

i have tried hard

user on ss is


Anonymous said...

i have tried hard

user on ss is


Eve said...

I had a go (I used the Geek Girl tee cos my name is related to it!)

Check it out:

username: 2Geek4Chic

Anonymous said...

hi!I want to enter the competition too.
I saved my doll, my username is star_ya.
I worked a lot on my doll, and I used only non SS stuff.
If you visit me , you'll see that I mixed a lot of clothes, belts even the leggings are mixed.I made the top into a dress using a skirt.Also, my hair is part of the outfit.I think it looks cool and trendy.Hope you like it.

Jamie said...

i took a screen shot, how do i send it to you?

Anonymous said...

It's in my suite!


Jamie said...

never mind here it is.. (:

xoxo. buttonsandbows3 (my name on ss)

Charlotte said...

Here is my work.

Hope you will like it :))

My name on Stardoll : Winky.Dream

PopChic1999 said...


MdonnaM101 said...

i'll join! maggie_cutie_10

Anonymous said...

hellooo here`s my entry :
my name in stardoll is :tokjona

Anonymous said...

my name on stardoll is hanneke004

and i'm doing a kesha style look !

GRlaskaPL said...



_Marchii_ said...


_Marchii_ said...

ht t p:/ /s -i - y-l -st a r do ll - st yl e .b l og sp ot .c o m/ 2 01 0/ 0 8 / fo r- c o m p e t i t i o n . h t m l

my creation WILD

Anonymous said...


11Margarita11 said...

my username is 11Margarita11
check it plzz!!

Depi said...

my username is : 11Margarita11

DKNY-loves said...

hiii can I join my medoll plz :D
I worked very hard on it :)

btw youre blog is great :D

Jamie said...

nm, heres mine!!

my stardoll username's buttonsandbows3
thanks!!!! <3


woooow Im just a visitor and they were all great
Ive certainly got some favorites :D
fab creations everyone :D
MISPRETTY-XXX (thats my stardoll name)

Anonymous said...

here is my username:supernatural211 i hope it not too late

Mmzznnxx said...

check me!

rocky-peace said...

heres my entry:

totoyfrote said...

my name is totoyfrote, my :


or just

Anonymous said...

i made two more. One SuperStar and one non ss.

Both only 3 dollars.



I dont know but is it fair when some contestants have up to 4entries and others only one?

Sarah said...

Hello (:
Ummmn ... how do I send a screen capture? Sorry I'm new to this.

rachelamatiara said...
hope u like it!

megan said...

uhhmm... people entered the 18th, but this ended the 16th XD

who won?

Anonymous said...

Hey...could u tell us who won?It is 18th and the contest ended in 16th....

Anonymous said...

hi this is my entry:)

elizabeth said...

heres my entry :)

Mmzznnxx said...


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