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Sorry I had to make this post on the blog , when its got nothing to do with the followers. Staff I am really sick of always having to do the posts of the free stuff on the blog. Only sometimes I see that some of you's have posted Free Stuff otherwise its always me. Try harder because its like I am the only one that actually writes on the blog.

I'm truly sorry to our followers for having to announce this on here but it's the only way to get in contact to the writers and all ..

Sorry again Cass19100



Anonymous said...

That's true! You do a lot of work and come with a lot of free stuff and the rest of writers do nothing! And thatgirlsophy is the most lame writer of the blog because she seems to be very inactive on her own blog! That's bad! Good work Cass19100! If I can give a note I'll give you 9 and to the rest of writers 1 or 2!
And what about the Real 2 Stardesing, Top Designers, Spoilers, SD Graphics and Stardoll News? No more posts? Only free stuff? Oh, come on people! You can do more!

Anonymous said...

you are the only one writing and you are bad at what you do since you steal photos and stories from other blogs without giving credit.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if you gave us a chance to post about the free things then you wouldn't have this problem.

Don't get too big headed honey.

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