Dollz Who Luv Us

Eyeball for covergirl!!

Yay for the eyeball!

Haha, it appears as though an EYEBALL has taken the place of this weeks covergirl!
Sometimes Stardolls glitches can be HILARIOUS! I just can't believe that Stardoll even bothered making an eyeball graphic! XD

What do you think of all this?

Don't forget to comment! We've been low on comments lately!


Anonymous said...


Julie. said...

I noticed that too!
The eyeball looks great:))

And i wouldn`t try for covrgirl this week..:S

Madlenne_xD said...

LOL, that's totally hilarious... Especially when you think about it - eyeball for covergirl xD

Madlenne_xD said...

It's really well made, but... Eyeball for Covergirl? xD

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