Dollz Who Luv Us

Freee Bag & Dress

1. Go to:
2. Paste in
4. Log into Stardoll.
5. Paste the following link in the url of the proxy
6. Change the word "view" to "finish"



Anonymous said...

OMG I just love that bag!!

dieBrInI06 said...

The bag is gergous. So good, that it's for free.

Momijigal911 said...

OMG The Bag Is Gorgeeyy xx

Momijigal911 said...

Thankiess Girliess Thee Bagg Iss Amazingg xx

LikaLaruku said... is having problems with stardoll. What country s the proxy for so I can find an alternative?

Anonymous said... has been having "internal service errors" for days. Is there an alt proxy?

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