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Freee Stuff Mania ;)

Theres some really good new cheats out so here they are ...... Up above is the first one!

1. Go to this proxy
2. Go to and then log in
3. Go to this link and put it in the proxy surver:
4. Then paste in
5. Wait and let it load then go back to your suite and the
re should be a gift ;)

The next Thing that is free is this skirt .......

It has no proxy all you have to do is put this link in your url

and then put something in the contest and click save.


leah☮ said...

bringing you ideal fashion, in a cup ;)

Miss_Kiss said...

Im scared... I didnt buy ss for 2 months and i got 206 stardollars?! I looked in my stardollar history and it didnt say anything about 206 stardollars! Only from my last purchace which was on the 6th

Madlenne_xD said...

I love the skirt!

Rafi101 said...

cool stuff i luv it! vote vote vote me for the comp here!

Momijigal911 said...

Skirt -- AMAZING!! Bunnyy Prettyy Too. xx

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