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New Shop, Couture Tributes.

UPDATE: I just noticed that the girl below me posted about the same thing, sorry!

As you probably know by now, the brand new 'couture' shop has ventured into The Plaza.

I for one, was not too impressed. As I have seen much, much nicer dresses than this in Couture Lines. The only dresses which I sort-of like are the White Valentino dress and the blue and white Christian Dior dress with the green bow. But the prices are just ridiculous. I mean, 75sd for a dress like that? Those are LE Prices for crying out loud! Couture or not, this stuff is overpriced.

Of course though, I am just giving you my opinion, and if you have a couple of hundred stardollars just lying around, I probably would suggest that you spend your money on something a bit more useful.

For the same price as that 75sd dress, you could buy up to 5 outfits of your choice.

Remember people, just because something is designer, does not make it nice.

Cianboland x


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you have reason but, now strdoll is more expensive than never! and i really like almost the dresses, well not all, only 3 or 4, i don't remember, xD the LE new colection, i have to say, that i don like anythin!so i am happy because i can buy my money for a dresses of this couture :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

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