Dollz Who Luv Us

What`s happening?;O

Hi :)

Here are almost thousand followers-now 920.
It`s hard to find some comments from you.Why are you not commenting?Your comments means so much too us (writers).We want to hear your opinions about our posts.You can put smile on our face,only if you want to,only if you comment!!

Please,FOLLOWERS!! Be active.Be active.Be active.

Tell us what do you want too see on this blog.What would you like to read?Any new competitions?Which ones?What topics?What would be interesting to YOU.

Write you opinions in comments :)

That`s all.

-Mihaela (:


Mishella said...

OK, you wanted it, I´m gonna tell u wazup ... I keep on checkin this site regullary, but there´s nothing new ... i don´t know, maybe u should bring new writers or something, but it´s kinda death here ... nothing new and that "writer must allow your comment to be seen" thing makes me angry ... I wanna tell my opinion, but first there´s some writer to allow it? gosh! i haven´t seen this on any blog yet, it´s like chinese democracy or someting ... you should post something to get my attenion, not just here´s some free stuff ... you writers should make this blog unique and you should make me want to visit this blog and interact with u ... my opinion, but look at the articles below ... too little, too boring ...

Anonymous said...

I made already 2 comments, but none of them were publicated or approved

Anonymous said...

i almost comment but they didnt seen !!!!!

Anonymous said...

i want more free items!!!you have a lot days to put freee things...:(
whe want freee things!!!!
whe want freeee things!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like to comment on posts but that doesn't mean that I don't like them or that I don't read. I really do apreciate your job!! You're doing great!!

Anonymous said...

Why do we don't comment?! Gosh!
Because it's tooo boooring here!
I love to read blogs that are updating EVERY DAY! And you're writing the same things that other starblogs are writing! People do something unique! Don't write just "free things". What about creating graphics? What about writing celebrity news? What about writings articles about fashion?
What about creating your own "Top Designers" magazine or something like that!
What about creating more contests with cool prizes!!!

Momijigal911 said...

I Comment All The Time, Sometimes It Doesn't Show Up On Screen. xx

Avril14140/Mihaela said...

I didn`t know that we have to allow your comments!:O

I`m not the owner of this blog.Just an writer.I can`t bring new writers :/

Thank you girls/boys for your opinion.I really appreciate that!

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