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The winner of HotBuys Skirt Comp is..

Hii everyone (:

You are probably wondering who`s the winner.
Well,the winner is..

I really like how she`s wearing that skirt.I love how she mixed bag,socks and belt with this outfit.I love the blouse,it`s perfect for the skirt.Ohh,well.The outfit is great!

She got 10stardolllars.She must claim her prize in 2 weeks.Contact me on Stardoll: Avril14140 (:

What competitions would you like to see in future?The most creative answer will get superstar gift (whatever you want).

-Mihaela (:


Mishella said...

yay ... thx so much, I appreciate you chose my outfit :):):)

Mishella said...

and I got some idea ... hmm I´m from Slovakia and it´s kinda hard for my to explain it ... but what about some "make-up in style of ... " competition? It will be like make your doll to look like a vampire, mermaid, fairy, ... but only make-up :)

Anonymous said...

-what competitions would you like to see in future?
-my answer is: write 1-3 words who will describe this blog on best way :)♥ make scenery who will describe this blog on best way :D non-ss suite :P non-ss album (: give us some doll to dress up and save in our albums so best dressed will win! non-ss scenery
nick: Xxfunky_cuitexX

Misschelz97 said...

I think it would be great to have a competition where people get eliminated each week, it could be about fashion or a suite competition. :)

DKNY-loves <-- stardoll said...

you can do a competition about fashion with different parts of stardoll fashion and designing where someone is eliminated each weekor so, and I think loads of people would join and you get to do it more often(and you can call the comp, stardolls next designer, next celebrity, or even stardolls next top designer "the comp")
eg, the first week you have to write a 500 word piece about trends today
the next time everyone has to make a forest in one room of their suites
the next week you should make an autfit with a theme (which the authors of the blog can decide)
then you have to make a special make up for yourdoll (for ss) and at the same time the non ss can do the same in starplaza and send a screenshot
the next time a twilight design (or a sixties design or a design that must have dots in it or something, or an animal design)
or something like that, whow never thought I could think of so many things XD
well succes with it, hope I win the ss gift :D
btw: go on with this blog like forever its great I totally love it <3 YOU ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

that outfit is horrid

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