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Hot Buys Purple Skirt

The Hot Buys Purple Skirt is avalaible in starplaza.
I think it's pretty.
It's in the "Fudge" shop and it
costs 10 stardollars.

The Real Dior Version:

Thanks to for the real version.

Do you like it?
Are you going to buy it?
Do you like the stardoll version or the Dior version?
Comment! xox



sports_girl said...

It's cute, but the real version is nicer :}

How do you get two pictures on the page with writing between? I keep trying but I'm not good with that kinda stuff lol

Anonymous said...

no one cares for these posts, MissRihanna, gtfo.

Dazzlingdesigner said...

I personally care for these posts, Anonymous, and why read the blog if all you are going to do is trash it?

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