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Hot Buys Sweater

Hy reader's and followers!
The next Hot Buys item
is in Starplaza!
It's a grey sweater .
Pretty awesome i think.
It costs 15 stardollars and it's in the "Bisou" shop

Real Version:

Thanks to for the real version:)
                                                   Are you going to buy it?
                                               Do you like it?
                                               Comment! xox

                                                                                                         Melody xox


anaKonda said...

It's lovely! bought it as soon as it came out.

Anonymous said...

no offense i don't care for these posts all we really care about is the cheats.

sports_girl said...

I haven't really found any, so I'm sure that when any one of the writers finds some, we'll post them here for you. We try to provide a variety of topics for the readers who DO care.

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