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Mortal Kiss: Mercy

There's a new "Mortal Kiss" doll on stardoll.
It's a women and she's called "Mercy"
You can dress her up,
but as new doll she's only for superstars.
She'z got pretty "couture" style clothes,
i just loove them!
I just can't wait to buy them in starplaza.
My faves are the shoes and dresses!
Check it out!
P.S. - Some of the clothes are from "Tingeling Halloween Couture" collection.

                                          Do you like the new doll?
                                  Do you like her clothes?
                                         Comment! xox



lili3y said...

I like the doll but i don't like the clothes :/


Momijigal911 said...

ii lovee the doll and the clothess, i lovee how theyy match her personalityy becuus there dark colourss ++ i wud lovee too buy them in the star plazaa!!!

stardollfs said...

my parents won't let me be supestar :(

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