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New Mortal Kiss Floor

There's a new floor in the "Mortal Kiss" store.
As you see the clothes are from the spoilers.
I really like them.
Some of the clothes are even animated and with glitter.
the prices are from 3 to 20 stardollars.
P.S. - There's one my favorite "Mortal Kiss" collection item.
The awesome "Serpent and ORB purse"!

Do you like this new "Mortal Kiss" collection?
Will you buy anything?
Comment! xox



Momijigal911 said...

i bluminn gorgeouss hunniii ohh myy goshh i was all of it so *savingg upp* xx

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, im not too sure but some are very cute! Does anyone know why the belt ha sthe weird star emblem on the label? I noticed it on anothe item aswell a while ago?

Anonymous said...

most of the posts by Melody or Colleen are pointless,

sports_girl said...

If you're gonna trash us in our posts, can you leave a name?

Cos I'm never going to listen to anons who have a bone to pick. When you get some courage, come back and let me know.

Thanks :]

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