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New Poll on Stardoll

There's a new poll up on the homepage, and I was kind of amazed at the question. Shocked that they'd ask people how much they'd pay for something!!! Although I suppose it's better than getting people to pay a lot, without knowing beforehand.
Wonder what Stardoll's up to?? London Fashion Week is pretty huge.
£15 is roughly $30CDN, so £20 and £25 are around $40 and $50CDN respectively. A Canadian dollar is almost on par with the American, so they'd be roughly the same.
That's a lot, depending on what they're doing.
If you're wondering, 57% of people said £15, 16% said £20, and a surprising 26% said £25. Good to know I guess ;]
xoxo, Colleen ♥


anaKonda said...

I usually do these polls but this time i didnt even bother.
The question felt almost insulting.
How many of Stardolls users are over 18 yo? 20/30%?
Are they really expecting 6 and 8 yo to go to fashion week??? Ridiculous!

sports_girl said...

That's what I thought too!
10 year olds aren't going to go to LFW. Even if mummy takes them :P

I only did the poll so I could see the results ;]

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