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November Hot Buys Collection

The November Hot Buys collection was released today. I like some of it, but I'm not a fan of the dresses...
I love the leggings and the boots- exactly like something I'd wear in real life, so I'd be stoked to buy those.
Honestly, the poncho is growing on me...I used to wear those a lot as a kid, and they're so comfortable, and this one isn't bad looking ;]

Hate the bag and the shorts, and the watch isn't my favourite- I honestly would never wear that.

Blogger isn't letting me post the picture, so here's a link to it. Sorry guys :]
I'll keep trying and see if I can post it later.

UPDATE: Finally got the pic up. Dunno what Blogger was doing earlier, but it works now :]

What do you think of the new collection? What are your favourites and the ones you hate the most? Tell me in the comments!!

xoxo, Colleen ♥


Penguinwoo said...

I loovvee the uggs and pink dress but the rest im not too impressed by :(
I think they look too similar to the october HB colour-wise x

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