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Stardoll: Almost 80,000,000 members

Stardoll has almost reached 80,000,000 members!
I need to admit, for this year people are very active.
It's also good, for us.
Because everytime stardoll gets on 10,000,000 members more
we get free or cheap clothes & stuff.

What do you think of it?
Comment! xox



Ruth♡Houpisonfire said...

Well 412094 members are more needed.
I don't think it's that 'close' yet :D

Anonymous said...

Well, it's great that stardoll has so many members, but I personally do not like it.. Becouse most of the players of stardoll, are people who create an acount to play one day, and then never play it again. and like this, there are a lot of un-used acounts. I think 40.000.000 acounts are not used!

That's how I think about this. But it's always great to get free stuff :D and I like it that most of the people on stardoll are nice and cool :D

xx goedbloed

Anonymous said...

xx goedbloed

I agree with you.
Most of the members aren't using their accounts. I guess from all members it's 55% or even more. But all is i care, is that i'm using my stardoll account, i love stardoll, and soon we'l get cool clothes. :D

Anonymous said...

I get what all you are saying ^^^^

I expect it will be somthing bad as usual, I think they should make original clothes that dont all say the number and the sd logo. Just be like stuff you can buy from starplaza :)

But I didnt get any of the 70 million stuff last year! Is it only SS or somthing or was I just missed out? x

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