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Taylor Swift

In honour of the release of Speak Now [it's really good btw, if you haven't already gotten it you should!!] I'm posting a dressup of Taylor. The first doll they made was much prettier, and life-like!
What do you think of Taylor? Do you like her? What's your favourite Swift song??
Tell me in the comments!
xoxo, Colleen ♥


Zeel said...

I LOVE taylor swift n i Love aLL her songs! n hes totally awesome!

goedbloed said...

This dressup doll is ugly! Sorry, i don't like it..

Rahmeh said...

I LOVVVE her, her new album is AMAAAZING! and yeah the dress up doll sucks, her mouth looks really weird, and they didn't put enough shoes

Anonymous said...

i was waiting for kanye to interrupt her grammy win

Anonymous said...

i hate her.

sports_girl said...

For some reason, they can't master her in a doll! The second one looks awful, worse than this. Trust me, this is pretty compared to the other ;]

Her songs are so relevant to my life right now haha, I love her.
Back to December and Better Than Revenge are my faves off of Speak Now.

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