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80 Million Members Money Back

Ok, so I know a few people were worried that they hadn't received half back of any money they spent over the weekend. I didn't get mine until late last night/early this morning, so if you check your account now it should be fine :]

I spent 18sd on an interior and a necklace, with the last of my play and earn, and I got 9sd back, so I'm all good!

I think it was great of Stardoll to do this- sure I would've liked a nice free dress or something, but this allowed me to buy what I've always wanted without breaking the bank. Plus, the dresses they give aren't usually my style, so while free is nice, *useable* free is better ;]

Should Stardoll keep doing this, instead of giving out free clothes?
Since the site is growing at such a fast pace, what do you think they'll do for 90 million members; 100 million?
Tell me in the comments!
xoxo, Colleen ♥


Jackie said...

i agree. the dresses they give out arent my style either. they should definitly do stuff like this more often rather than the clothes. the free suit stuff isnt bad all the the time though

Anonymous said...

yeah, I got my 6 stardollars back too :D

Anonymous said...

How do I know when I spend 80 Stardollars?
It says that you have to have spent 80 stardollars, to get half of your money back.
And in the transition history, I DO NOT want to add up all of the money that I have spent.
Please help, I really want half of my money back!

sports_girl said...

Well, all you can do is keep track as you've spent, or count it in the transaction history.

BUT, the half back programme ended on Sunday, so anything you spend now you won't get money back on. Stardoll will have given you the correct amout back for what you spent, and they did that on Monday :]

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