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Free Candles

These aren't bad looking, and could easily be incorporated into a room!

Use, same warnings as always, you can get a virus so be careful, I haven't gotten one but you might. Do the virus scan afterwards, don't click on links, just be careful!

Type this in:

Log in, and then enter this:

Log out and re-enter Stardoll through your normal internet :]

You'll have gotten these lovely free candles.

Enjoy :D

UPDATE: Ok, some people have been complaining that the proxy doesn't work? Well, I've tried it again and the proxy loads for me, so my only conclusion is that you're doing it wrong, sorry. When you get the proxy page, delete the http:// from the address bar on their site. Then copy and paste the address from this post. If you don't delete one of the http:// you'll get a double and the site won't load. It should end up looking like this when it works.

xoxo, Colleen ♥


Anonymous said...

this don't work!

sports_girl said...

It should. It worked for me.
Maybe you're not doing it right?
Follow the instructions again and type everything in right, that's all I can say.

LikaLaruku said...

Looks a lot like they recolored one of the first free gifts new memebers get after they sign up.

bloomtwo said...

The proxy doesn't work. If I type the link and push enter he goes to the proxysite home again. So it doesn't work for me either.

sports_girl said...

Yep, I think they are recoloured. I never got those though, so I don't mind a recoloured version ;]

And I really don't know why the proxy isn't working! It works perfectly fine for me!!!

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