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Free Shirt


It's an old Pretty in Pink shirt :) Contest in Russia giving it out, be sure to do it soon cos it's probably gonna run out soon.

Use, it's a Russian proxy and it's worked on my computer so it should be fine on yours! Remember, proxies may give out viruses, so be careful what you click on!!!

Go to the proxy and type this in:

Log in and then paste this into the proxy address bar:

Log out and exit the proxy. The shirt should be in a bag in your suite :)

Enjoy this one!

xoxo, Colleen ♥


BigPig said...

check my new bazzzaar! dkny, cristmas design)

Sam said...

I LOVE THE TOP! the thing is, that proxy doesn't work for me. instead of going to the stardoll page it goes to a list. is there another proxy, cuz i really want this top? thanx

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem as "sam said"

sports_girl said...

Sorry guys,my proxies haven't been working lately, I have no clue why? I'll check and update the post for you!

Anonymous said...

of course, doesnt work..

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