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Limited Edition 2 Stardesign

Hey yall this is thatgirlsophy! Im making a comeback lol.(not really). If yall missed the latest Limited Edition Collection like i did, then you should be getting some of these! Stardoll busted out the good ole lip print design. Does it remind you of anything? If you didnt know, stardoll's second collection of the famous DKNY had the lip print :)


Avril14140/Mihaela said...

Omgg :D I missed you :O

thatgirlsophy said...

awww thanks, my lifes been alittle crazy but i should be back for good now

Anonymous said...

wow the DKNY lip print scarf used to be only 2 Stardollars?! wow! now it would cost no less then 15! stardoll is so greedy :(

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