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New National Covergirl

Stardoll has come up with a new National Covergirl.

This is what they say on the website:

What is National Covergirl?

National Covergirl works just like the regular Covergirl contest, but this time you can become Covergirl of your own country. Here’s how it works: Each day we will Crown National Covergirls in our most active countries. ALL winners will be displayed on the National Covergirl-page. That way you can not only just see who was voted National Covergirl in your country but also see other National Covergirls from around the world. Which country has the best style? Please note that we still have our glorious Covergirl Contest . Crowning that one girl a day who has been getting most Covergirl votes on Stardoll. The ultimate fashionista!

I'm not sure about this, and when I checked it out this is what came up for my country:

Avril Lavigne! That hurts, considering she's a "Real Celebrity" and shouldn't even be considered. Once again, Stardoll has messed up. I guess time will tell how well this turns out :]

What do you think? Is a National Covergirl a good idea? Does it detract from being Covergirl of the whole site? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Colleen ♥


maggie_cutie_10 said...

Hey, i just wonder, what is the website address? Thanks!

maggie_cutie_10 said...

Hey, i just wonder, what is the website address? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaiiiiiiii i won yesterday omg!!!! And i Got a big trophy !!!!

sports_girl said...

Which website address?

^will take you to the National Covergirl page

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