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New Party System

Sorry for the tons of posts at once guys, I've been super busy with bio class, and a psychology project, and all the other homework you get while they try to prepare you for graduation next year ;] Plus I've got some personal drama going on, and I was watching Passchendaele at school today and got into a little debate that lasted for 30 minutes after the final bell had rung :o

But that's it for my excuses today!

So, by now you might have noticed there's a new Beta party system :] Beta means they're testing it out, and can still make changes, so if you like/dislike what's going on, make sure you write to Stardoll here and choose the category "Feedback/Suggestions". I'm sure they'd like to hear your opinions!

So the main difference with this new system is:

1)Anyone can join someone else's party. This means you can crash a party, which I think kinda sucks. Maybe Stardoll needs to put some kind of password or locking system in place?

You still have to be superstar to host a party, which I was hoping they'd change! It takes forever for me, personally, to load a party room, so I'm not in them all that often :/

What do you think? Are the new parties awesome or a bust?

Let me know and comment on this post!

xoxo, Colleen ♥


Jackie said...

its soo much better than the old party syster! the only thing is i cant figure out how to delete things from a room after i put them in

Anonymous said...

it'ssssss sssssssssooooooooo much baetter if u myob not to be mean

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